Complete Wheel of 5e Class Icons as Constellations

No official icon for this one, so I made one :)

The Barbarian is simple but powerful

For the Bard, I tried to make it as colorful and exciting as the class

This was my keystone. My Mother's birth year and favorite character's class

The Druid icon seemed much simpler to recreate than it was

The Fighter was an interesting challenge

I placed the Monk's stars in a stellar nursery

The Paladin icon is one of the most complex, and most striking!

For the Ranger I tried to imagine why one blade would be in the foreground over the other

Really wanted blue stars for the Rogue icon's eyes

The Sorcerer icon!

This icon really feels like it has its eye on you!

Complex configuration on this Wizard icon, as it is my birth year, I'm thrilled with how it came out!

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